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Lawn Care Program

Our Lawn Care Program provides eight rounds of treatment throughout the year which include fertilization, pre- and post-emergent and weed control. We use a combination of liquid and dry products in all our lawn care programs. The liquid products provide superior weed control and the dry products provide better controlled release fertilizer.

Late Winter, Round 1 (Jan 1 - Feb 15):   A granular lime application that helps the grass take in nutrients. It takes 3-4 months for this to break down and to make your lawn healthier in the spring. Please water the lawn before the grass is mowed.

Early Spring, Round 2 (Feb 16 - Mar 31):   A liquid pre-emerge is applied to prevent spring and early summer weeds. Please water within 72 hours of application and before the lawn is mowed.

Late Spring, Round 3 (Apr 1 - May 15):   A granular fertilizer application. This is food for the grass that it needs as it comes out of dormancy. Aerations will begin this round and continue into Round 4. Please water before the grass is mowed.

Early Summer, Round 4 (May 16 - Jun 30):  A granular fertilizer application with pre-emerge to help prevent late summer and early fall weeds. Aerations will continue to be performed during this round. Water within 72 hours of application and before the lawn is mowed.

Late Summer, Round 5 (July 1 - Aug 15):  A granular fertilizer application that feeds the grass and helps keep it green. Please water before mowing.

Early Fall, Round 6 (Aug 15 - Sept 30):   A liquid fertilizer along with root stimulant is applied to help with the grass going into dormancy for the winter. Water within 72 hours of application and before the lawn is mowed.

Late Fall, Round 7 (Oct 1 - Nov 15):   This application is a liquid pre-emerge to help prevent winter weeds. Please water within 72 hours of application and before mowing.

Early Winter, Round 8 (Nov 16 - Dec 31):  A granular fertilizer is applied to help with root development in the spring. This fertilizer will not make your grass green, but will take 5 months to break down in the soil and keep roots healthy. Please water before the grass is mowed.

Other Lawn Care Services We Offer:

  • Core Aeration - Controls harmful thatch, increases root development and water retention, and allows roots to absorb nutrients.
  • Fire Ant Control: - This once a year application is GUARANTEED for season-long control of fire ants in your lawns and/or flower beds! This is typically applied in March before the fire ants emerge.
  • Tree and Shrub Care: - Fertilization, insect and disease control for trees (less than 8ft.) and shrubs. This service is performed four times per year starting in April.
  • Grassy Weed Control: - Some grass species require an additional application to control weeds such as dallasgrass, nutsedge and corse fescue.
  • Grub Control: - Grubs are white worm-like insects that live underground and destroy the root system of the grass and plants. This application helps to prevent the grubs from changing into Japanese beetles which invade your trees and shrubs.
  • Perimeter Pest Control: - Application around the perimeter of your home or property which creates a barrier to keep pest outside pests from getting in.