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Core Aeration

What is Core Aeration?
Our Core Aeration service is the process of mechanically removing plugs of turf, soil, and thatch from your lawn, leaving many small holes in the turf.

Aeration allows the grass to "breathe" and the the roots to absorb nutrients (including fertilizer, water and oxygen) in the root zone more quickly.  The result is new, stronger growth and increased root development in your grass.  Aeration controls harmful thatch and relieves soil compaction.  If your lawn is severely compacted or has significant thatch, aeration is recommended at least twice a year.

Aeration Tip:  Don't pick up the plugs!  The plugs of turf left behind by aeration will break down in two to three weeks, blending back into the lawn, and feeding their nutrients to the root system. 

In early spring through late summer, aeration is recommended on all warm season turfs (Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine).

Our Premium Aeration
Aeration with a kick! Premium aeration includes starter fertilizer and lime. These two products are proven to jump start your yard.

Aeration and Overseed for Fescue
The damaging heat of summer often takes a toll on fescue grass, creating thin turf and dry, bald patches in your yard.  Fall is the growing season for fescue, making it the best time of year for Turf Wizard’s Aeration and Overseed.  

Aeration and Overseed thickens fescue grass, and fills in any bald patches that have developed.  The service includes core aeration, fescue seed, starter fertilizer, and lime.

When Turf Wizard combines the processes of core aeration and overseeding, the seed, starter fertilizer, and lime will wash into the aeration holes.  The seeds will have fertilized, balanced, and soft, loose soil to sprout in. 

The Result:  A thick, healthy, and beautiful lawn.