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Insect Invasion!

Various insects, including armyworms, spittlebugs, and centipedes have invaded lawns, pastures, hayfields and other turfgrass across the metro area this summer.  
While not preventable, the damage to your grass may be severe before the insects are even noticed.  These creatures sneak up on your lawn, wreaking havoc as they feed on your grass until it is depleted, and then move on to the next lawn to feed.  

The damage caused by armyworms and creates a frosted appearance or a brown area at first.  In the case of a severe infestation, the turf may be completely annihilated. It has been reported that armyworms can eat up to 1 acre in a 24 hour period! 
Armyworms can be found on foliage at any time of the day, but in heavy infestations, you will see droppings on the ground underneath your plants, as well as brown patches in the yard where they are eating all of the green tissue off the grass – right down to the roots.  You can also check your lawn after it's been mowed – armyworms often appear on the surface, sidewalk or driveway an hour or so later.
The earlier an insect infestation is detected the better.  Although not preventable, these insects ARE treatable.  Please check your lawn for any sign of insects– if you find them, schedule an insecticide treatment as soon as possible.