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Soil Testing

For the Optimal Health of Your Lawn. . .

Turf Wizard Now Offers Soil Testing

Lawns are living, breathing, organic beings that depend on the nutrients in the soil for optimal health.

Soil testing measures the pH level, as well as the availability of essential plant nutrients (such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus), present in the soil.  With this information, our technicians can adjust the level of application for optimal plant growth.

In Georgia, our soil often contains large amounts of CLAY.  This results in a high pH, or acidity rate.  Soils high in pH restrict water and oxygen absorption, essentially "choking" roots and plants. 

Based on the pH level of your lawn, our experts can recommend the best course of action to balance the pH, allowing the soil and roots to "breathe" more easily, and grow and thrive.

Introductory Price:  Only $25.00!